So What's in a Name?

I believe that life happens in the in between.  Yes we have big moments like a move or committing to a life partner or having a baby. But let's be real: The majority of life is made up of the moments in between.  These in between moments may seem small or insignificant as they don't justify a large band or a special 100 person dinner in your honor.  However, these small moments string together like a long line of twisted and bent paper clips.  Some are strong and sturdy and some look like they are barely hanging on.  These bent and sometimes beautiful looking paper clip trails are what define us because they are the decisions that make up a lifetime.  They don't always sparkle and shine bright but nonetheless they reflect who we are and what we value.  Tucking your kids in at night or making yourself a cup of tea and curling up on the couch with a good book...these moments are what make up a life of joy, or heartbreak or adventure.  They remind us that life is happening constantly, right now, in this moment.