Amy was my executive coach for six months while she was at Capital One. Amy’s keen insight and thoughtful, gentle style helped me identify and act on a number of key behaviors that were limiting my professional success. Amy is open and supportive. I enthusiastically recommend her if you believe you might benefit from coaching. If you have been told to find a coach, you could not find a better partner to help you on that journey.
— John, VP of Technology for a Financial Services Company
Amy has profoundly impacted the trajectory of my life. Her coaching has armed me with tools that empower me to make decisions which are in line with my personal values and fulfill my true needs and desires. She guides conversation in a way that makes vulnerability comfortable and she offers keen insights that catapult progress in moments when I would be otherwise stuck. She is a gift and a blessing and I would recommend her coaching to anyone who is looking to make a shift in their life or simply looking to understand themselves on a deeper level.
— Marra, Co-Founder of Wellness Company
Amy is a phenomenal coach who helps her clients really understand what they want, why they want it and what they need to do to achieve it. Her skillful questions and coaching help cut through not only the noise around you but also the noise within you.
— Sara, Global Head of Inclusion and Diversity
Amy is incredibly intuitive, patient, kind and wise. She seems to always know the right questions to ask, and her insights into my answers are incredibly revealing and helpful.
— Dave, Silicon Valley Technology Professional
Amy is one of the most talented coaches around and I am beyond grateful to have worked with her in a personal and professional context. She complements her expansive knowledge of development tools, methodologies and assessments with a highly individualized approach and personal touch. As my coach, she supported me by challenging me, led me forward by letting me lead, and built my confidence by modeling it herself. Amy helped to shift my perspective in numerous areas where I had felt stuck, and I learned so much about myself through the process. And, most importantly, we had fun.
— Jenny, Certified Coach & Leadership Development Professional