I believe leadership shows up in each aspect of our lives whether at work, home or in our communities.  In order to have the impact you want you must first connect to who you are and who you want to become.  By doing so we learn to live our lives from a place of authenticity,  purpose and choice.  




Avenue 108 uses various tools and approaches to enhance leadership effectiveness across organizations.  Areas of expertise include:

  • Leadership Development
  • Executive, Team and Individual Coaching
  • Leadership Assessment for Development and Selection
  • Emotional Intelligence for Mindful Leadership
  • Team Building and Team Off-sites
  • The Leadership Circle Profile for individuals, teams and broader cultural impact



What wants to happen in your life that you have been putting off?  What part of you is dying to be born? Avenue 108 provides support to individuals through coaching and consulting.  One of the top reasons clients seek me out is to answer the question, "How do I live the life I want to live NOW?" How do I wade through all the shoulds and could'ves and somedays to create your moments NOW.  I use values identification, personality assessments, and several other tools to explore who you are and what path you want to take in this life. Stop by my contact page and get in touch for a free sample session to see if we are a match.



Family is our very first experience of being part of a team.  It defines how we see ourselves and how we see the world.  I partner with families and parents to create lifelong connection and intimacy within the family unit.  We all want to cultivate the experience of belonging in our families and yet sometimes life gets in the way.  Let me help you clear what gets in the way and focus on the vision you have for your family.