I'm not usually one to do a huge run down of the resume -- I have always been more interested in the story behind the story.  What things have happened to you on your path that really shaped you? What things determined how you show up in the world despite your best laid plans?  So I will give you the highlights of my career and resume but they will come after the more important things. The things you won't know in glancing through my resume.

I am the oldest of 4 kids.  I learned what it was like to have several people in a family and how to get what you need while still supporting and giving to the whole.  I picked a college in the south because I wanted to get away from California and learn to live on my own.  I spent many nights second guessing my decision and wondering if I would ever find one friend with whom I had anything in common.  I learned I can make friends with just about anyone, and it doesn't matter if they look like me, dress like me, go to my church or eat the same kind of food (yes I was vegetarian in the land of BBQ).  I went on Semester at Sea in college, during which there was a horrible accident that left my roommate dead.  I learned the depths of despair and sadness.  I learned that sometimes all you can do is hold on and hope that one day when you wake up you don't feel such immense pain and one day you feel more like yourself.  I took a big job in manufacturing -- yes, think big machines and "24 by 7" shifts.  I learned that my gender and my age made me a target, and I had to work 10x as hard to get the respect of my male peers.   I married my boss, and he had been married before we got together.  I learned that life isn't as black and white as I had made it out to be and that living in the gray space made me more accessible and it made others more accessible to me.  

Back to the resume because, hey, I do need to show I know a few things about what I do.  Here we go...

I graduated with Honors and a Bachelors in Organizational Behavior from SMU.  I have a Master's in Organizational Development from Fielding Graduate University and did my thesis on emotional intelligence and how it relates to managing through change in the workplace. I worked for Capital One for almost eight years managing large teams and departments, and I became more and more interested in how leadership sets people apart.  I received my Coaching Certification through CTI, the Coaches Training Institute, and coached several mid to high level managers internally and through my own company.   I then moved to a leading investment management firm to manage training globally.  I have traveled to several countries to lead training and leadership workshops.  I started my own company when my second son was born in an effort (ongoing effort) to balance my home life and my work life. I am on the faculty for one of the largest and most well known coaching institutions, CTI, and I am also faculty for Gozamm, a leader in life design and relationship transformation.   And last but most important to me, I have a husband and 3 amazing boys, ages 9, 7 and 5.  They can push me to no end some days and it is those days that I learn the most about who I am becoming and what I need to let go of to get there.

Thanks for checking me out and I look forward to hearing your story too...The one on the resume and the one the resume doesn't tell.  

P.S. Wondering why the name Avenue 108? The number 108 holds special meaning in several Eastern religions and for me personally.  It shows up for me all over the place in my daily life. When it came to naming my company 108 had to be a part of it.